What is a sauna tent?

A sauna for all occasions

About our sauna tents

Our sauna tents are designed to make your sauna experience available anywhere, anytime with anyone.

The tent

The tent's insulating three-layer fabric consisting of Oxford fabric 300 denier - 60g/m2 cotton - Oxford fabric 300 denier can withstand high temperatures. The tent has windows made of TPU glass that make it possible to enjoy the view. The sauna tent is also waterproof and fireproof.

The stove

The wood-burning stove is made of stainless steel and has a total weight of 21 kg. The parts that make up the chimney are stored in the fireplace during transport. Underneath the stove, you simply fold out the four legs on which the stove stands during firing.

How do I set up the sauna tent?

The tent can be set up in less than two minutes by pulling out the five sides of the tent with a powerful pull. When the tent is set up, the tent is stabilized by means of four pins in each corner and four ropes with associated pins for each wall.

When the tent is stabilized, carry the stove in and mount the chimney. When the stove is standing firmly on the base, you can start burning.

When you have finished basting

Smother the fire through the stove's air vent at the door to the fireplace and the chimney's air vent. Then remove the stones, let the stones and stove cool down, assemble the chimney parts in the fireplace and pack the stove into the bag. It is important that the stove and stones cool down before dismantling the stove starts.

When the stove is unpacked, you first put on the window covers for the tent, pull out all 8 pins that have stabilized the tent, push in the five sides of the tent and pack the tent in the bag.

Regulate the temperature

You can regulate the temperature in your sauna tent by:

  • Fire properly.
  • Adjust the air valve on the stove door
  • Put on the window guards for increased effect
  • Open and close tent doors
  • Finally - throw baths for increased humidity!
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