Build your own sauna tent - A guide

Building your own sauna tent is an exciting project for those who love the sauna experience and want a portable sauna to enjoy anywhere. But how do you go about it? We will explore the process step by step and give you tips on what to consider when building your own sauna tent.

How do you build your own sauna tent?

Step 1: Plan and sketch

Start by planning your sauna. Draw a sketch and decide on the size and shape of the tent. You can choose between different sizes depending on how many people you want to accommodate.

Step 2: Materials and construction

Choose the best material for the tent canvas. Many DIY enthusiasts use durable cotton fabric that is heat resistant and durable. Construct the frame with wood or metal, and make sure it is stable and secure.

Step 3: Insulate the heat

One of the most important aspects of a sauna tent is keeping the heat. Use insulating materials such as mineral wool or foam plastic to prevent heat release. You can also use reflective foil to insulate the heat.

Step 4: Ventilation and the chimney

For safety, you must ensure that the sauna tent has good ventilation and a working chimney to lead the smoke from the stove out. This is essential to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Step 5: Stove and fireplace

Choose a wood-burning stove that suits your sauna. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its durability. Place the fireplace on a stable surface and ensure that it is properly insulated to prevent the risk of fire.

What should you think about?


Safety is of utmost importance when you build your own sauna tent. Be sure to follow the safety regulations for saunas and the use of wood-burning stoves.


Your sauna tent will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Check and clean the chimney and ventilation regularly and make sure the tent is free of moisture and mould.

What material should be on the tent?

The best material for the tent canvas is durable and heat-resistant cotton fabric. It is important to choose a material that can withstand high temperatures without losing its quality.

Which stove should you choose?

The choice of stove depends on your personal preference and the size of the sauna. Stainless steel is a popular material due to its durability and heat resistance.

Can you buy a used sauna tent on the block?

Yes, it is possible to find used sauna tents on online platforms such as Blocket. But be careful and make sure you inspect the tent carefully before you buy it to make sure it is in good condition.

Final thoughts

Building your own sauna tent can be a fun and rewarding experience for sauna lovers. If you don't feel ready to build your own tent, remember that you can also buy a sauna tent from us at Bast.

Do you want to know more about our sauna tents? Contact us and we will answer all your questions!

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