Complaints & Warranty

We at bast are proud to offer high-quality sauna tents and other sauna-related products to our customers. If, against the odds, you discover errors or defects in your product, we will be happy to help you with your complaint.

According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you always have the right to complain about a product within 3 years if you can prove that the product was faulty from the start. In the event of a dispute, we will follow Swedish law and the recommendations of the General Complaints Board (ARN).

We are responsible for our products being free from original manufacturing defects and defects in the material. Examples that are generally not considered to be within the scope of such defects are those caused by negligence, abnormal wear, incorrect washing, care and drying or where the products have been used for a purpose other than what they are intended for.
The following examples are not grounds for complaint:
  • Discoloration and damage to the tent that occurs due to the tent being set up for a longer period outdoors. The tent is designed to be taken down after use and dried and stored indoors between uses. If the tent is left outdoors for a longer period and is exposed to sun, rain, wind, hail and snow, wear and discoloration of the material should be expected.
  • Small holes on the top of the tent as a result of sparks or ash from the chimney are to be considered normal wear and tear and can be easily repaired if necessary.
  • Damage that occurs when using the tent in wind that exceeds 10 meters per second. Be especially careful in gusty winds.
  • Damage caused by the tent not being anchored with pegs at each corner, as well as ropes and pegs at each wall.
  • Do not lean heavier objects against the outside of the tent and pay attention that no one, neither adults, children nor animals lean against the outside of the tent during the fire. As a result of too heavy tilting, the tent can come into contact with the stove and melt.
  • Damage that occurs to the unit due to incorrect firing. We recommend using dry birch wood. Do not fire with materials such as forest rice, paper or other materials that can result in sparks and ignite the surroundings.
  • Ensure that the stove is stable during firing. If the stove has not been placed on a stable surface when burning, it can tip over and injure people inside the tent.
  • The stove should be placed at a safety distance of at least 20 cm from the tent walls to avoid damage to the tent.
  • Holes and tears on the tent as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Deformation of the aggregate that occurs due to excessive firing. Some deformation of the unit is to be considered normal.
This is how you proceed to advertise a product from us:
Contact Us
Contact us at . In order to facilitate the handling of your complaint, it is important that you include your order number and describe the fault or defects in as much detail as possible using images and movable material.
Return the product
If we need to inspect the product before we can process your complaint, we will ask you to send it back to us. We are responsible for the shipping costs for the return. Remember to pack the item safely to minimize the risk of damage during transport.
Assessment of the complaint
When we receive the item, we will examine it to assess the fault or defects. If we can determine that the product is faulty or defective due to manufacturing defects or the like, we will offer you either a repair, replacement or refund.
Refund or exchange
If we agree a refund or exchange, we will deal with this as soon as possible, usually within 14 days of receiving the product. If you wish to receive a new product, we will send it out to you as soon as possible. If you wish to receive a refund, we will refund the amount you paid for the product less normal wear and tear on the product.
We at bast strive to make our customers happy and look forward to helping you with your complaint. If you have any questions or concerns about our complaints policy, please contact us .

We have a limited one-year warranty on products that covers defects in materials and workmanship. We will replace or repair, at our discretion, any product or component found to be defective. The warranty does not apply if the product is damaged due to misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or modifications, or normal wear and tear expected during the life of the product.

Josef, Viktor & Sebastian