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Sauna culture is deeply rooted in Swedish society and the dream of owning our own sauna is strong for many of us. The sauna offers a place for relaxation, socialization and health benefits. But before you take the step to build your own sauna, there are important laws and regulations to take into account. In this post, we will review building permits for saunas and what you should consider before starting construction.

Building permit and its importance

A building permit is the permission needed to construct, alter or demolish a building. All construction projects in Sweden must comply with current legislation and meet relevant safety and environmental standards. If you build a sauna without the correct building permit, it can lead to heavy fines and even demands to demolish the building.

Building permit regulations for saunas in Sweden

Building permit regulations for saunas may differ depending on your specific municipality, but generally a building permit is required for a sauna that is larger than 15 square meters or that is permanently attached to an existing building.

Building kits and Material selection for Sauna

There is a wide range of sauna types to choose from, from traditional wood-burning saunas to modern infrared saunas. Sauna building kits are a popular option as they come with all the materials you need to build your own sauna. The choice of material is crucial, and traditionally wood is often used, as it is a natural insulating material that withstands heat well.

Safety and Inspection

For the sake of safety, it is important to follow all rules and regulations when building your sauna. A wood-burning sauna, for example, may require specific safety measures to prevent the risk of fire. In some cases, an inspection of the sauna may also be required.

Our Sauna Tents - The perfect alternative

If you feel that the planning permission process seems overwhelming, or if you want more flexibility with where you can place your sauna, we have the perfect option for you - our sauna tents.

Sauna tents are not only practical and easy to set up, they are also fireproof and waterproof, making them safe to use in all weather conditions. The stove can also reach temperatures as high as a traditional sauna, which guarantees an authentic and satisfying sauna experience. Also, since they are portable, you can easily move your sauna tent to a new location if you wish.

Another big plus is that the sauna tents are allowed inside the beach protection area, which means you can enjoy your sauna close to the water without breaking any beach protection rules.


Building a sauna requires planning, time and compliance with laws and regulations. But with the right information and preparation, the process can be much smoother. And if the building permit process seems too overwhelming, remember that our sauna tents are an excellent, safe and flexible alternative. They give you all the good things of a traditional sauna, without all the hassle of building permits and regulations. So why not create your own sauna oasis today?

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