Sauna tent and camping

Camping has forever been a part of the Swedish people's soul, and in recent years the slightly more luxurious variant of camping has also grown on the market, glamping.

For us at sauna, the experience of taking a sauna is strongly connected with the feeling you get from staying at a campsite or glamping. Relaxation, a stress-free existence and closeness to nature are all three conditions that camping and sauna bathing have in common.

Advantages of having a sauna at your campsite?

Improved Guest Experience

Offering a sauna at your campsite makes you stand out from the competition. The sauna provides an extra touch of comfort and relaxation, which increases guest satisfaction and creates memorable moments for visitors.

Year Around Availability

With a sauna, you have the opportunity to extend the season and run your business all year round. This thereby increases the facility's revenue opportunities by attracting visitors during both high and low season.

Economic benefit

Increased visitor numbers, increased guest satisfaction and the possibility of extending the season are all three concrete examples of situations that lead to increased income for your campsite. The possibility of creating packages and added value for visitors increases by creating Spa events or relaxation days.

Advantages of having a sauna tent at your campsite?

Choosing our sauna tents is not only a wise choice for an authentic sauna experience, it is also a smart financial decision.


With a sauna tent, you don't have to apply for a building permit or worry about beach protection. The sauna tent can be installed wherever you want. Any adventure packages such as northern lights safaris, boat trips and yoga retreats have the possibility to offer a hot sauna with a sauna tent


The cost of a sauna tent is significantly lower than a normal sauna. One of the biggest advantages of our sauna tents is that they can be significantly cheaper to run than traditional saunas. They require no installation, which saves on costs, and thanks to their portable nature and the efficient sauna heater included, you can enjoy an authentic sauna experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional sauna.

Customer stories

Bast sauna tents are already available at a number of different campsites and glamping sites, and we had the opportunity to do a quick interview with one of them. Saltviks Camping is located in Grebbestad and offers its customers a magical facility with lots of activities in direct connection to the water. The only thing they lacked was a sauna, they contacted us and then bought their first sauna tent. After testing the sauna tent for 2 weeks, they noticed that there was a strong demand, which led them to order their second one.

We asked them how things have gone so far:

“We received our first sauna tent about 1 month ago and we are so satisfied, so satisfied that we ordered another one! As we can place the tents close to the beach with a fantastic view and that you can easily throw yourself into the salty sea, we really believe in this idea.

Now we want everyone to open their eyes to this and realize what a luxury in everyday life (life) it is to bathe hot and bathe cold!”

How much does it cost to take a sauna for your customers?

"We charge SEK 300/pp and SEK 150/child up to 12 years old and then they can borrow a bathrobe and have the sauna for 3 hours. We package the sauna tent in our already current packages such as lobster packages/couple packages/fishing packages and Christmas party packages. The gangs that have tested this have been absolutely raving!”

Go to and read more about how they use our sauna tents in their camping operations.

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