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Bastutält - Allt du behöver

Leverans i mitten av augusti 

👥 Rymmer 8-10 personer
🔥 Temperaturer över 100 grader
✅ En bastu för alla tillfällen
⏱ Montera på mindre än 10 minuter
❌ Inget bygglov krävs

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Customer Reviews

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Karl O
Tack grabbar!

Mycket nöjd med tältbastun. I helgen bjuder jag över gubbarna så får dom testa.

Emma Olausson
Blir snabbt väldigt fort!

Bastutältet levererade verkligen! Blev ett köp till stugan och barnen är väldigt nöjda.

Heidi Stork

Snabb leverans och trevligt bemötande. Nu snart ska vi basta.

Bast Sauna UK

I wanted to wait until we had used the Bast Sauna tent a dozen times before writing this review to ensure it wasn't just the immediate excitement of having my own wood-fired sauna clouding my judgement.

Firstly, I absolutely love saunas and have been considering buying one for a few years. However, given that we are currently in rented accommodation, options were very limited. The choices were either a disappointing steam sauna from Amazon, infrared wood dungeons, or going all out on a barrel sauna for the garden—which would be a nightmare when we eventually move house.

Enter Bast Sauna tents. They roped me in with some clever performance marketing on Instagram, and I ended up having a friendly back-and-forth over DMs with their team. It took me a few weeks to talk myself into pulling the trigger as I was skeptical about how a tent could feel like a traditional sauna experience. My only annoyance now is that I didn't buy it sooner.


Authentic Experience: The wood-fired setup gives an authentic sauna feel. This thing gets hot—really hot! It quickly reaches the perfect temperature, creating fantastic Löyly.
Portability: Easy to set up and take down, perfect for our rented situation.
Quality: Excellent build quality, durable for many sessions.
Floor Setup: Loose brick floor for a more permanent setup—great alternative to a temporary floor.
Weather Resistance: Handles heavy rain well and dries quickly with residual heat and ventilation.
Versatility: You can take the stove out and use it as a smoke-free heater for cooler evenings when sitting outside.
Extra Features: The mesh pockets are handy—maybe a few more lower down would be good.

Chimney Maintenance: Had to sweep the chimney due to a blocked mesh cap—quick and easy fix.
Setup Time: Takes a bit of time to get everything perfect, but worth it for the experience.
Thermometer Placement: A location for a proper sauna thermometer that gives an accurate reading would be great. At the moment, it sits on our bench but doesn't reflect the room temperature well.
In conclusion, the Bast Sauna tent has been a fantastic addition to our home. It's provided the traditional sauna experience I craved without the hassle and permanence of other options. Highly recommend it to anyone, especially those in rented spaces or who need something portable.

I'm so impressed that I'll be asking the guys at Bast for an affiliate sales/marketing code as I reckon I'll be selling a few more of these to friends and family.

Magnus Alm

Portabel bänk 2 st

Varför ett bastutält från bast?

Marknadens bästa tält

Tältet består av det mest hållbara och isolerande tyget på marknaden. Klarar av temperaturer ner till -20 grader.

Effektfull kamin

Marknadens kraftfullaste kamin som ger överlägset bäst effekt. Kaminen kan värma upp bastutältet till temperaturer över 90 grader.

Hållbarhet och livslängd

Tältet och kaminen är framtagna för att maximera livslängden på ditt bastutält. Vi erbjuder även 1 års garanti vid köp av bastutält.

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